Thursday, September 18, 2014

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes

It's funny, once you neglect a blog, its so easy to keep putting off going back to it. It ends up festering away as, I really should do this, some day, some time. Well I guess that's today.

I suppose there is some catching up that needs to be done. In the past few years, I've managed to ship Diablo 3 for PC & Consoles. Quit Blizzard, move to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Contributed AI to Thief 4, changed out of AI to a fully Online/Network path. (I was a generalist on Diablo 3, so I had been doing some before). My tour at Eidos Montreal lasted a brief 6 months, before a transition to BioWare Montreal. I ended up contributing a small bit of Gameplay to Mass Effect 4 before migrating to the Online Team of Battlefield 4, something still unannounced from BioWare, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. From there it was off to Microsoft to do Online Systems work for Gears of War and such. Somewhere in there I managed to find time to start home brewing again, get married, and have a son on the way. 

There's a lot to say, and I'll spread it out some. That said, I'm going to defocus this blog a bit away from just game development and into more general online, AI, security, and home brewing. Since I've had a few interesting crunches in the past, I'll take a bit of time to post mortem bringing Battlefield to Xbox One & PS4, and maybe somewhere touch on Thief.