Monday, May 16, 2011

Things We Accept

So I'm leaving <Store, redacting seems good here> today, and a younger guy is in a full on argument with the loss prevention guy at <Store>. Why? Out of refusal to show a receipt. Now, granted, I didn't know if he had one or not, or had stolen anything. The point of the matter is, legally, the guy was in the right, in CA he was under no obligation to show a receipt. I sat there watching out of morbid curiosity for the longest time. Police eventually responded and cleared things up, turns out he had a receipt, and refused on principal.

So I got to thinking, what are all the things we don't have to do, yet we do, of similar nature. Turns out there's a lot. Two examples:

Gas Pumps in CA - Require billing zipcode (which in this state cannot be required to complete a transaction)

Showing ID with a Visa/Mastercard. Apparently that's banned too (by visa!), they have to just match signatures...

Inevitably, it got to well, we accept airport security. (Granted I think it's security theater, but that's a whole different post) It's not a grope, it's a freedom pat.

This led me to thinking: "Okay, so they can't do any of this, but how much am I really put out by it, and how often is it with good intent?". In most cases, I just don't care, I've nothing to hide. Frankly, as a motorcyclist and walker, I accept that most places I go with a backpack, people are going to want to search it for contraband. Yea, I would be insulted if someone inspected it thinking I stole something. I understand WHY they might, but I might make a commentary on that one. In that context I kind of understood why he made such a big deal of the receipt, and sure, it's insulting to be accused of theft, but to make a big deal of it, and waste so much time? Seriously it's not worth it.

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