Monday, May 23, 2011

That Sense of Ennui

Today one of my coworkers convinced me to fire up UO on a free shard. Despite my past runnings with Az, I ended up giving in and doing so. I immediately installed the old midi's and dove in. Oh sweet nostalgia. It's hard to imagine finding that immediate sense of it with a game that has changed so much in 15 years. It's also hard to imagine, I first picked up this game, when I was only 12.

It's odd how you remember things. Yea, it's still very different. But I'm running around West Brit, and things come flooding back, and that's probably how I found myself just 50 minutes later, macroing so I could watch TV. Ahh, how UO doesn't change.

Happy Post Fake Rapture Looting!

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