Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Subversion Needs to Die

I'm sorry, it's time subversion was put out to pasture. I spent the better part of two hours recovering from the damage dealt from a subversion bug. The final solution was to give up, and recheck out the entire repository.

Frankly, subversion wouldn't even be *that* bad if not for it's issues as a resource hog, and speed. In this day in age, dead locking a machine during a sync, taking over 5 minutes to sync two dozen files, in general, being unresponsively slow just isn't acceptable for a version control system. Let's not even go on about handling of large binaries.

I don't advocate for Perforce, or Git. Both are better options. But this morning in between cursing subversion, I found myself actually saying. I'd rather have source safe, or a thumb drive. It's a quality of life thing. Give me fully functional version control, with easy to use branching, easy sandbox generation, or give me a thumb drive.

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