Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Adventure in Car-less-ness

Today marks day 4 sans car. It's also raining. I find most places I can get to by foot or by the motorcycle. So far, I'm not for wanting for the car, in fact I've only had one issue. I can't buy cake, it doesn't hold up well in a backpack. We'll see how this goes after 2 more days of rain.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Subversion Needs to Die

I'm sorry, it's time subversion was put out to pasture. I spent the better part of two hours recovering from the damage dealt from a subversion bug. The final solution was to give up, and recheck out the entire repository.

Frankly, subversion wouldn't even be *that* bad if not for it's issues as a resource hog, and speed. In this day in age, dead locking a machine during a sync, taking over 5 minutes to sync two dozen files, in general, being unresponsively slow just isn't acceptable for a version control system. Let's not even go on about handling of large binaries.

I don't advocate for Perforce, or Git. Both are better options. But this morning in between cursing subversion, I found myself actually saying. I'd rather have source safe, or a thumb drive. It's a quality of life thing. Give me fully functional version control, with easy to use branching, easy sandbox generation, or give me a thumb drive.

Amazon FTW

Me:According to the tracking number provided my order <redacted> is at my front door. In Las Vegas. That would be an issue seeing as how I live in California.
Reena:Hello, my name is Reena. I'll be happy to help you.
Me:Groovy, the tracking number attached is : <redacted>
UPS claims it was delivered
Reena:Clayton , do you mean to say that you din't receive the item.
Me:Well, Yes
I mean it was shipped to Las Vegas apparently
Shipping Information
Directly from the UPS tracking site
Reena:May I please take the order number ?
Me:First thing I sent
(First message)
Reena:Oh, yes my apologies.
Can you hold for a minute or two while I research this for you?
Me:Sure thing
Reena:Thank you, Clayton, I have checked the order and the delivery status shows that its in transit.
And shipping information is <redacted>, CALIFORNIA <redacted>
United States
Me:Despite the fact UPS' own website says delivered to Las Vegas?
Status: In transit
Location: Front door
From ya'lls
Reena:let me check with ups.
Me:UPS has a delivered on, proof of delivery
the whole nine yards
Dear Customer,
This notice serves as proof of delivery for the shipment listed below.
Tracking Number: <redacted>
Service:UPS Ground
Weight:8.00 lbs
Shipped/Billed On:04/06/2011
Delivered To: NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV, US 
Left At:Front Door
Okay, that would have been better with carriage returns <edit: i added them for the blog>
Reena:I understand your concern however the estimated delivery date is 8th April so you will need to wait.
Me:I get that, I'm saying UPS clearly says it was delivered
that blob of text up there. That's the Proof of Delivery for it.
Reena:And if you still don't get the item we will consider it as lost and then create an replacement for yoyu.
Past in the tracking number above
it shows delivered.
Reena:Yes, I have seen that but we cannot create replacement until the estimated delivery date is not passed. I am so sorry about this.
So, since the estimated date hasnt passed, the fact it got shipped to the wrong state is irrelevant?

Reena:Clayton, there might be some confusion but please don't worry you will get the item by 8th of april and else we will refund you.